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High-Risk Victim (HRV) Tool 

The Colorado High-Risk Victim (HRV) Youth Identification Tool is intended to be used as a supplement to comprehensive screenings, assessments, or intakes that explore a multitude of life domains. The HRV Youth Tool should be utilized to improve upon identification of potential victims of exploitative abuse, and not as a validated diagnostic tool. 

This tool can be used by professionals coming into contact with youth.  Professionals should use their judgment in regard to the timing and completion of this form; the form should not be given to a youth to complete. Even if a youth’s profile suggests a presence of multiple indicators on the checklist, it does not confirm victimization; rather, it highlights a potential need for further assessment. The HRV Youth Tool does not provide an interview guide, but allows those who come into contact with high-risk youth to identify sources of information that they gathered in assessment, or via document review to aggregate high-risk factors.

The Denver Anti-Trafficking Alliance HRV Youth Identification Tool can be found here. To submit this document to the DATA Juvenile Multidisciplinary Team, email  

If you are a staff member of the Colorado Department of Human Services, or if you are a contracted organization with Human Services, please utilize the HRV Youth Identification Tool found here.  

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